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Magento Upgrade

Reliable magento upgrade services

Enhance the life cycle of your online store and keep it updated with the latest version by hiring professional Magento upgrade services provider.

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The most popular extension builder for magento 2

By Magento2 Certified team for your online store.

Upgrade magento to Latest version

More than 250 customers are using us since 2017 and some common reasons

Magento upgrade service include:
  • Upgrade of Magento database: list of customers, orders and products
  • Fixes of any database errors occurred during the upgrade.
  • Update existing extensions
  • Update your theme
  • Install new extensions
  • Test compatibility
  • Fix compatibility issues
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Our Process

We Make Sure That Your Magento Store Is Upgraded With Minimum Risk Of Data Loss And Zero Downtime


Replicate the original store

We replicate the original store and create a clone staging server on our development servers.

Update the replica

Update the replica Store

We apply all upgrade steps and fix all errors which we get during the upgrade process.

Test the replica

Test the replica Store

Our QA team tested the store with different test cases and scenarios.

Set up the upgraded Store

Set up the upgraded Store

Once we get approval from our QA team, we are ready to move the upgraded version to the production mode.

Managed magento 2 Upgrade services

Get benefited from fast and seamless Magento 2 migration service. We will carefully guide you through the process migrating your data, SEO value, creating design and building custom functionality.

Core database migration

Core database migration

Database Migration is an important step of the migration process, which includes the transfer of orders, customers, products, promotions, attributes, etc.

Design migration

Design migration ~ theme upgrade

Theme Upgrade plays a very Important role when you migrate the website, Magento 2 builds customized and ready-to-apply as the theme’s look and feel is very important. If we are upgrading from M1 to M2 then we will need to create the whole theme from scratch and Magento2 provides the inbuile page builder to create pages easily and smoothly.

Upgradation of extensions

Upgradation of extensions

Magento 2 provides functionality to upgrade existing extensions.

Migrating advanced

Migrating advanced SEO settings

Advanced SEO is a way to perform SEO optimization correctly. It solves most of the store-related SEO issues, adds new SEO features, and automates tedious manual tasks.